Mary is home

My sister was discharged from the hospital today. She was very hesitant about going home so early which I totally understand but is in good spirits and her sense of humor prevails! This is still very surreal to me. To tell people “My sister had brain surgery on Thursday” does not flow well off of my lips, but to know she is in good spirits helps. “Life is too short so make the most of it” , takes on another meaning after all of this. I pray for Dr. Malik, who operated on her, that he can help other’s as he helped Mary. Although it is a long way off, I can’t wait to golf and bowl again with my sister. A big “thank you” goes out to all who have been praying for my sister and her family.

Carpe Diem

i cant believe mary is coming home already …be sure she gets plenty of rest…so happy for you all …may the rest of your lives be filled with nothing but…health, love , joy, happieness and smiles…god bless you all xxx

Hi Laura,

Glad Mary is home and in good spirits. Best wishes to the both of you.


Thank goodness she’s home again! So glad things went well. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery. Sleep lots!

I hope she improves a bit every day. She is lucky to have a sister like you and YES! laughter goes a long way facing something so serious. I understand how difficult and crazy it is to say that “your sister had brain surgery”. I think the same thing when I say, -My son has brain swelling…I can’t believe the words are coming out of my mouth. It’s like a really bad dream. My thoughts are with you.