Mary is doing well

So her surgery is over - doc said everything went as planned and she is doing well. She is in a lot of pain though. Our family is definately an emotional one, so we all had a rough day. Taylor, Mary’s daughter, is staying with me tonight and the boys are with Lee. It is hard to see my strong willed sister in such a state. I am glad it is over and I hope and pray that this is the end of it but only time will tell. My sister is strong so I know she will recover. It is just very difficult to see her in so much pain. Taylor desperately wants to see her tomorrow, I am not sure about them going yet. I know they are old enough to make this decision - I think!! We will assess the situation tomorrow. I thank God for all of the friends and support that has been given to me and my family.

I will say a prayer tonight for my sister and everyone who is effected by this condition!

i was so happy to read your blog full of good news…i was thinking of mary all day today…and all of you of course…i knew in my heart all was going to go well but to hear it from you was…the cherry on the top…please give mary a big hug and kiss from me xxx

Hi Laura,

Glad everything went well. Will be thinking and praying about Mary, you, and the rest of the family this weekend and light a candle in the evening.

Take care,


Good to hear this stage went well. Continued warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

Great news. At least the first part is done and now she can just work on getting better! I bet you will all be amazed at how quickly she fights to recover from this ordeal.


Laura, Glad all went well and will be praying the weekend brings a quick improvement to the pain. I am sure just seeing her kids will lift her spirits and make her feel better; that’s if they can handle Mom being in hospital (I have a 21 year old who still gets upset seeing me in hospital). Shalon’s right about how quick you can recover and I am sure she will with the love of a sister like you and all your family - no doubt!