March 21st 2013 please read

will make one yr since my avm surgery. I'm thinking about going to park with family and friends to release white and green ballons to represent my life and for all my fellow avm survivors and for those who lost their lives. If anyone is in the nyc area around this time i would love for to join me. if anyone has and ideas on other things i can to please comment..

Sorry to be a party pooper, Nay, but balloon releases are very unkind to wildlife and the environment and are outlawed in many states:
There is legislation pending in NY, so the release may be illegal by next May. There must be a better way to celebrate life than suffocating marine creatures with rubber balloons...

I will look into it thanks

Maybe lighting green and white candles? eating green and white cupcakes?

Hi Nay-Congrats! How about a butterfly release-it’s symbolic…my comfort food :slight_smile:

Lighting Green and white candles is a great idea!! I make my surgery/AVM free day by making it like a second birthday. Make it the most special day possible with family and friends. Love your spirit:-)

Debra i never thought of it like seconday bday indeed :)

Julie, thats an awesome idea :)

I second Julie's Butterfly release idea! That would be totally symbolic. And Dancermom, I did not know that balloons did that. (i learn something new everyday). I bet the Balloon folks hate when that info gets Thanks, both of you. Good luck and Congrats Nay! No matter what you choose to do, make sure you eat some cake! :J