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Manifest a Dream.....(?)


Where I’ve been was walking a path you would rather NoT go, but then again…I do believe that you know what your talking about. So…how do you manifest or create something? It means making, or creating…whatever you wish to make it happen! What is a dream, illusion…nightmare? Well…let’s not focus on illusions nor nightmares…stay positive! Dream On(cool tune…Aerosmith) let’s move on to a reality check…

I’ll see IF(?) I can Manifest a Dream! On 15 Sunday Jan. 2012 I have an appointment at Austin, TX. It’s a real deal called America’s Got Talent…they are expecting me. So being that I’m crazy enough to try win $1,000,000.00(!yep that’s a million!) I already told Ben that I want to donate that million for US! Now is that how to Manifest a Dream for you and I to help each other? Here?

No tricks, no games, no lies! Even if I can’t win…I can claim that I went down dancing! And I do know how to legally make donations at any Walmart…been there, done that…and now I’m just warming up…

Dream On


break a leg - just a superstitious saying!


He will really do that...lol. Seriously Jim, (ok now I'm talking to Jim at the risk of confusing myself) that's awesome. Just know this going into it... we love you and what your intentions are. I hope that helps alleviate some of the anxiety associated with the audition. Best of luck! :) (Love you too Julie...)


then u have time to practice more and get ready for it then!! good luck!! CHEERS to creativeness!!


I will watch it if you are on it my friend! Keep us posted! If it's a voting thing you get my family's vote for sure. What a way to spread awareness and help others. :)


Cheers & best wishes on manifesting your dream, Jim!!!
3 tunes that came to my drain bamaged mind, lol are:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQY-uzzm7GA &
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK6jgzV32bg - Rock on! :)


I've heard of that show. Thats an awesome thing to do. Get the word out and help others, all while having fun. Rock on!


That's amazing Jim! I will try to catch you on screen though I'm not sure what time it'll screen in the UK.If it helps, anything is possible.Though I do forget my lyrics easily,I continue performing and focus on delivering my soul in my music. You will shine! Good luck and we'll be rooting for you!



I am sooooo excited for you!! Have you decided what you'll be doing on the show?


GO JIM!!! We'll be rooting for u!!


Wow, I LOVED Dancing machine, thanks for this Patti! Drain Bamaged...lol.


Congrats! Hope all moon-walking goes well to Led Zeppelin!


Do you need an assitant!? I do hair and I am working partime so I can do it! I will be a support system for you if you need it.


Until next time...it's about progress and not perfection.

As "they" say, keep on keepin' on.


It's one HUGE step to KEEPING ON!! I am sure you rocked it so KUDOS to you!!! Infinite possibilities are out there yet, so keep on rocking!!! :) Happy for you!!!!