Mal de Embarquement Syndrome

ow's this for a question? Does anyone have MdDs ( mal de Ebarquement Sydrome)?? I got in Nov, supposedly because of my migraines and worry. You are supposed to get this only by riding in trains or boats or trains. The sensation never goes away of rocking or swaying. Now I've had 3 strokes and a brain operation to remove an AVM. Can you imagine the trouble I'm having trying to distinguish the two sensations. Am I having trouble walking from the stroke or the Mdds? The doc who diagnosed it,gave me Klonopin for it. But, I can't say I feel the difference. I seriously doubt that anyone else has this problem, but I'm just trying to vent to some people who just might understand.
thanks for listening, Snoop

Wow! That must be horrible. I have vertigo and I thought that was bad....You have me beat. Are they certain about the diagnosis? Did they check your inner ears to make sure it wasn't coming from a problem in there? That was my first thought when you said about the "rocking and swaying motion."

Hopefully someone who knows something about this will chime in here soon for you.


I have MdDS, for sure and 3 strokes and 1 brain surgery! So, I was kinda hoping there was someone like me, who I could get advice from. I think when I 'm tired, and I have trouble walking, it's the Mdds. I presume it is. When I was in the hospital, after the stroke, I couldn't walk either. But, I felt totally different. I felt alright, my head didn't sway. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks rehab, and I never felt like this. The stroke was in March, but the Mdds didn't really start till Nov, right before the holidays. Yes, I do have an inner ear problem, but not enough for a hearing aid. I was diagnosed at Emory hospital in Atlanta. Let's hope it doesn't last forever!

Hi snoop,

I'm not familiar with this so I had to ask. I'm taking a shot in the dark here but, - Have you tried taking motion sickness pills for it? The only reason I'm asking is because my dr had me try it for my vertigo. It didn't help me but, 'maybe" it might help you(?) I don't know. There's got to be something to help you with this (fingers crossed).