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Make-A-Wish Eligibility


Did you wait a while. I submitted our story about a month ago and Ive not heard anything yet.


Yes, it can take a few months, although you could call and ask if they've received your application. I know they have to verify it with your child's doctor, and their response to you depends upon how long your doc takes to respond.


Kelly, I would try and contact Jake's surgeon but I'd be wasting my time - he is not much of a people person and refuses to speak to patients on the phone. We were given some scary news by his registrar in the summer which turned out to be incorrect, but the surgeon would not speak to me to clear this up and i spent nearly 2 weeks almost out of my mind with worry. In the grand scheme of things I suppose it doesnt really matter, Jakes alive and well and thats what matters to me. But if there was a chance he could get some kind of treat to go someway towards making up for what hes been through I would love to take it. Its just frustrating.


Hi Kelly just to let you know we fly out to Florida on the 21st of May to fulfil Luke's wish to swim with dolphins he is so excited xxx


That's awesome!! I'm excited for him and for you guys! You'll have a great time -- one that he'll never forget!


10 days to go till we are on the plane to Florida for Luke's wish, we got the pack yesterday from make a wish with everything in Luke is so excited he has already packed his case xx


I was told by make a wish that my son was not eligible for a wish through their organization. The lady I spoke to said an avm was not a life threatening illness. Now after seeing that others got a wish, I wonder why I was told that.


It depends on the chapter usually and what your doctor has told them. There are other groups like MAW, like Dream Factory. Try with them.


My son Ryan had his wish granted when he was 3, now 14! We went to Orlando and all the theme parks for a week and stated at Give Lids The World! Soooo magical! My mother in law decided to make a career of it and has worked there ever since! AVMs definitely qualify, speak to somebody else!


We received the letter on Monday saying that Chloe's wish will be granted! Thank you so much for posting this information! Her "wish granting team" meets with her in a couple of weeks to introduce themselves and help her pick a wish!


In Australia you can access either the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Starlight Foundation. Only one or the other. We just got news today that our Jack has been accepted into the Starlight program and is going to be granted a wish. He was referred by the hospital. Now for the tough part...he has to decide what he wants. We weren't going to explore that side of things until we knew if he was going to be successful.