Major Brain hammorrage Update

I went to America late May and returned on the 20th of June 2009, Upon landing I had a call from my parents saying that my grandma had passsed away few minutes ago this. was a sudden shock. So i drove staight to my parents. In Hinduism we have a 14day mourning period. We tty and arrange the funeral few days after the death. This period of time was very stresful for me as I use to look after my grandmother who was bed bound and had major strokes in the last few years and could not communicate and suffered from Epilepsy.Once the funeral was over few days after I was busy sorting stuff out for my business and I had to travel to Manchester to see my family and attend a close cousins wedding.

Duringg this period of time, I did not rest at all I was still jet lagged and tired and had a very bad chesty cough and use to get headaches alot. My brothers wedding was coming up on July 19th I was the bestman. so we were busy preparing for this after the funeral also. We didnt even send half the invitess out.

On July 6th i woke up around 8am and with a thunderclap paain on the right hand side of my head. I knew straight away I was bleeding as I couldnt see clearly. Photophobia. My neck had become stiff and i dropped to the floor of my bed. and started banging on the wooden floor and calling for my mum. She rushed to my side and i told her to call the ambulance and my dad from work. I told her to tell them I was bleeding in my head and possible Brain Hammorrage. I told her to find my emergency card which i had made before i went to America. I believe that saved my life along with my mums fast actions

I dtarted vomiting and by the time the paramedics came i tried to stand, but collapsed infront of them I manged to tell them what was wrong and I belive my pupils became heavily dialated and I blacked out. They toook me to Leicester Royal infirmary. But they could not halp me. So I was taken to Nottigham Quwwns hospital. By ambulance. In the mean time they were contacting Charring Cross London for my notes and scans. I was not with it still. From what i have been told by my brother, mum and dad. They did a CTscan and performed an emergency operation cuttinginto my skull to clear the bleed and stop it. I now have a metal coil in my head at the site of the AVM.

The surgeon saved my life, as I have been told I would have suffereda major Stroke or been brain dead had they not operated.

I woke up few days after as i was heavily sedated. I dont remember much but i had a seizure upon waking up few days after. around a week later i tired getting out of the bed and fell and hit my head on the floor. another emergency scan was performed.

Around the 12th of July i was transffered to Leicester General Hospital for rehabilitation. As my condition was stable and an Angiogram showed no signs that further intervention was required.

Going back to Leicester it made it easier for my family to visit me. I was not awre as to what had happened and awas very conufsed. Once i realiesed i was getting in touch with charring cross my surgeon consultant and team by blackberry email. they were very shocked as to what had happned and helping as much as they could. Hopefully i will be taken yo Charring cross in the future to have the AVM removed or fully embolised My family were told it would be upto 6months before my left side of body started working or before i would ever walk again. by the 15th of July through intense physio andstrong determination and focus I started to get my balance back and was able to walk on my own without support everyone wasamazed including thw docs. I can now wdo things for myself and am back home. I have numbness in my head where they cut my skull, and my left hand and left leg but my hand and leg are okay. I can still walk. I feel disorientated at times but i am okay and doing well. I got discharged on the 4th of August as the Physio team said i was 100% physically ready and the occupational thereapist was happy with my progress and that i could support myself as well as my memoery wwas normal.

I have lost my voice after the operation, throught the pipe they put i n your mouth to help you breathe. I am awaiting to see a voice box and speeach specialist to help me as well as an optomologist to look intothe back of my eyes as previosly the pressure of bleeds has caused the optical discs to become blurred, hopefull all will be okay. I have follow up appointments in Nottingham and Leicester to see what will happen next. I am awaiting word from Charring Cross to see what thyewant to do next. But thank you all for you kind messages. and hopefully I will be back to normal very soon.

I did miss my brothers wedding, This was quite upsetting but the doctors said it was dangerous for me to travel to London just incase something happended what would we do. But I am Happy to be alive and grateful for what Nottingham and Leicester hospitals have done for me.

Hi Dipen, I am glad you are here to tell your story. You will continue to improve day by day. Take care.

How are you feeling now? I completely lost my balancing because of hemorrhage, and missed whole semester with my school (very upset first, but I am grateful that I am alive now.) Wish you for speedy recovery, and visit u.s. again :slight_smile: