Luke's Report

[ Draft ]I have just read one of luke’s reports done when he was 6 months old basilar aneurysum and left side avm and would like to share the details of it if anyone would like to make a comment please do is this similar to yours? quote "The prescences of a basilar aneursym measuring 11.2x6.9… with a larger and smaller lobe present. It appears to point superiorly from the basilar tip with distortion of the branches of the top of the basilar and below it. The exact anatomy of the basilar tip is ill defined. There is a large PICA [WHAT IS THAT] arising from the distal vertebral artery. There appears to be double superior cere ellar arteries bilaterally… There is some ninor filling of the right posterior cerbral artery branches. The neck of the aneurysm appears to include th basilar tip branches. [WHAT DOSE ALL THIS MEAN?] The posterior choroidal branches appear somewhat proinent in supplying the thalmus. The right carotid study demonstrates mild ectasia of the carotid artery. A large posterior communication artery was not seen. There is some filling of the right posterior cerebral artery. There is some enlargment of the anterior cerbral branches which go all the way posteriorly to a small area of fistular fromation under the skull. The left acrotid is even more abnormal. Some fusiform dilation of the skull base carotid syphon is noted. Fistulartisation posteriorly to the top of the carotid is seen with an enlarged vesssel, presumed to be posterior cerebral artery but could be anterior choroidal artery. There is early vein filling which feeds superficialy to the transverse sinus and torcular. There is some other small areas of fistularisation which appear to be appatent in th parietal region . Awell defined nindus is not identified. OVERALL COMMENT ’ “Complex vasculat malformation with a bilobed dysplastic appearing basilar tip aneurysum, other areas of atrerial dysplasia present {can someone please explain what that means} as well as appatent diffuse AVM mainly involving the left hemisphere extending mainly in the peripherry. Endovascular treatment of the anuerysm would appear difficult due to the poorly defined neck. A diffuse ill defined left hemisphere AVM noted” If anyone can shed some light on this please do should i put this sort of info on a different page please advise. Delete Comment