I met my old college room mate for lunch. and she was reminding me how Lucky all of us on this site really are! She told me a mom at school had a bleed 2 years ago, and she is no longer with us! as people on this site have frequently reminded me...Any day above ground is a damn good day! Like the Neurologist that wanted to shake my hand, because he Never met an avm survivor before! apparently its all about perspective! and in honor of Valentines day I sure hope someone out there is getting lucky! Cause it sure the hell ain't me!

But we are lucky!! With God's help, we are alive and we have each other!! Sure I have (more than!) my share of bad days, but I look around and I see people who are worse off than me -- whether it is medically, fincially, emotionally. . .

At the time, the doctor I had, had little experience with AVM's, but luckily for me, he searched his medical magazines and found somebody to help me. Yea, I had to travel half way across the U.S. for the first bleed. And again half way across the U.S. but in the other direction for the 2nd bleed.

Well said Nicole... you had me till the "getting lucky" part ;)

Seriously, we are all lucky and the growth rate of this site (almost 4000 now???) and all the awareness it's generating is proof of that. Stay positive and strong everyone it's a heck of a ride, no doubt. :D

Hi Nicole..Yes we are indeed lucky. My neurosurgen hugged me and said "You are a miracle". I think it is because we have more to accomplish on this earth. Cheers back..Louisa

Yes, we are indeed the lucky ones. When I went back for my 2nd post op. appointment at my neurosurgeon's office some of his colleagues came out and said "Oh, you're the one!?" They'd never seen someone with a bleed the size of mine actually survive. And the fact that I was able to walk to them and give them all hugs was a great gift for me!

Great story Trish! Kinda makes you feel like you won an Olympic Gold Medal or something?!!!

Ah...the old lucky vs. getting lucky debate.

Regarding the one mom, that's horrible, and it surely reminds us that it could always be much worse...and don't call me Shirley (hopefully you've seen "Airplane").

No I'm not joking and please don't call me Shirley.