Lucky Embo Trip #13!

Had treatment yesterday, eveything went well. I’m just a little swollen on my cheek and under my chin, but on the side by my ear. So no fat lip or drooling this trip! Gotta be greatful for that!!! Thanks to everyone for their well wishes as always, you guys are the best.

My new glamour gown was a hit! I didn’t get any pics with the hospital stuff, but the nurses and everyone loved it! So I think there will be some more sewing in my future! And one of the anesthiologist girls even donated one of her old “fashion caps” to me so that I could tear it apart and use for a pattern!!! How cool and generous is that?

I’ll post up a Denver Trip report on my website, and also another blog on my personal blog later today or tomorrow!

So here is an “after shot” from embo #13! I have to say that the new gown next to my face makes this after shot way better than the last!!! And Cyndi’s hubby took one of me and her post procedure and I will post that once they send it over!

Here is one today- day after embo. You still see the swelling, and even under my lip swelled just a tad. But all in all not bad! We even managed to hook up realy quick with Stephanie for a quick lunch before we need to leave for the airport. That is how "normal" I already feel after this embo. Really just a little tired, weak, lathargic..but no big!

As a side note, Cyndi is doing well and has been seeing a wound care doc back in TX which I think is really helping with the wound on her cheek! I couldn't be more excited for her on that. If you haven't already done so, you should check out her blog. She is great with adding updates and always has lots of info and LOTS of pictures!


Shalon glad to hear things went well !!! Can’t wait for your return…

Oh Shalon. You’re so adorable I can hardly stand it. :)) I’m so glad you are still so stable. This must be tiring enough to go thru with the travel and the treatments.
Will have a look at your blog later! I think you’re next gown should be a pretty SPRING pink colour!!!

Thanks ladies!!! I’m glad this trip went well too! I’m actually a little more swollen this morning…kinda weird like a delayed reaction, and I already started on the steroids…whatever, it still is not a big deal!
And Joy- yes the travel and treatments do get tiring a little. But I have kinda fallen into routine at this point. And my life consists of work, eat, sleep, Denver…on a 4 week cycle! I figure my social life for this short period of time is worth the sacrifice! Plus I have all of you guys!!! So my social life is “different” at the moment, but not at all less rewarding!

happy to hear all went well…bet you looked spunky in that gown

Hi smiler ! x Glad alls going ok for you. Matt’s big day is on sunday 15th march. we will be taking over the local pub, ‘The Three Mariners’ and have got endless football matches, singing competitions, quizes, raffles etc etc etc to raise the money for everything. matt was featured last week in the Hythe Herald, they did a big spread about avm’s which was great and a nice advert for matt’s catering company thrown in. will keep you updated. much love, chris xxxxxxx

so happy its done and as always,you are just beautiful,what a great outlook you have every time you have embolization,you are helpful to so many here having the same done,thanks for keeping us posted,and so happy you are doing so well:)

Thanks ladies!
Alicia- I sure was! Did a little fashion show for the nurses, I think it was just as entertaining to them as it was for me!
Christine- I’m so excited for the fundraising events you guys have planned! And can’t wait to meet Matt in a few months. Wish you were coming to! Next time…or the time when there is one in your neck of the woods!!!
Caroline- Thanks! I do try to stay positive…and I’m glad if it helps. I think I am lucky that I tend to be a happy type of person, otherwise this AVM could really become depressing! i know you all KNOW what I mean!!! :slight_smile:

glad to hear the gown was a hit, you look so fresh and happy after embo as well!

I knew your gown would be a hit, Shalon! I’m so glad that your embo went well, my friend. Talk to you, soon!

Hey girlie - you look beautiful! Glad to see your kicking that AVM’s ass…

My Lovely Lady-did I ever mention that aside from shoes (and now sewing) along with your familial-mindedness (cool word, yes?) I love you for your eye brows…always lookin’ good !!!

Shalon,you really look great!! so happy another treatment came and went and you still smile so beautiful…as Louisa said,kick that avm’s ass…:slight_smile: hugs