Love you!

Im so upset of all this…I feel awful for my son and for so many here. my heart goes out to you iand im sadden. I love you all and I pray and come to agreement to everyones request that God will make a way for everyone here. Im so tired of crying and thinking I feel lost in this. love you. I

It’s perfectly fine to feel this way. We’re here for you if you need our help.

it is only normal to feel this way…we are here for you…it is normal and ok to cry…when was 1st diagnosed all i did was cry morning and night it is all part of the acceptance process…i found talking with a physcologist really helped me in accepting what had happened to my life…hang in there…stay strong we are all here for you xxxx

Thank you so much we so completely exausted to find all kinds of answers as to what to do or to stop it somehow. Well i just wanted to know how the turn out will be for John craniotomy in January and is it high risk of problems and how to accept it if someting goes wrong. Thank you both