Lots of things to remember this month

This month there were 2 things for me to remember and have sorrow about. This month my mom would of turned 42 and she has been gone for 6 months. also this month is my 10 month anniversary of my second brain surgery. Yesterday my grandparents and aunt came over and we celebrated by taking some flowers and a balloon to my moms grave. My sister and I went a little over a month ago and got mom a tombstone and it should be up at any time. It is so strange not having my mother around and not having a woman to go to for advice on life or someone to look up to for things. This past week I was diagnosed with aphasia from my surgeries and it is finally nice to have a diagnosis for why I can’t speak a lot of the times and why the words dont come out right. It is so weird because 2 years ago I felt so smart and had a great amount of knowledge for vocabulary and was on my way to becoming a teacher and today I feel like I can hardly get buy compared to others. But I keep pushing and trying to remember things and relearn as much as possible and keep my chin up and be proud for who I have become over the last 2 years. :slight_smile: Just some thoughts that I have had…didnt really come out like I thought it would but i’m gettin there. :slight_smile:

Hang in there, Brittany. Your mom would be so proud of how hard you are working to get well again.