Loss of Words

When I had my AVM-induced brain seizure, I immediately became confused by certain words/names. Words looked familiar on the page, but didn't know what they meant.And, I couldn't use find right words to explain myself (I called Chili's restaurant something incoherent.

This isn't good for a writer (but I do have a thesaurus when I write).

More recently I've found it more common to find the words/names I want to use in conversations (I couldn't think of the name of the song, "Whiter Shade of Pale" last night).Of course, it could be my age.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Did you just have the AVM-induced brain seizures's recently? It seems what you are explaining is aphasia, which I have, but mine were cased by a hemorrhage. Regardless, perhaps you should contact your neurologist to discuss.


My brain seizure took place almost 3 years ago. That's when I had the major memory episode. I did not have a hemorrhage (thank God).

What I'm writing about here is just a struggle, in everyday conversations, to find the right words or names. It happens more often on some days than others.

Of course, it could simply be old age. I am 62 years old.

Sharp, I was 57 when I had my hemorrhage. I do not believe your age causes this problem. Please discuss this issue with your Neuro doctor. In the meantime, please do some research on Aphasia to see if it seems to be what you are going through.

Since I had the bleed, I have a difficult time reading and writing...Like you said, I will see a word, but not remember what it means. I went through Speech/Language therapy for quite some time and I was told I am at the point of reading at a 4th grade level now.

Hang in there!

I had surgery to remove an AVM 25 years ago... and I deal with that occasionally. I either use the wrong word for something, or can't think of a word that I need. I've been told that it's a common issue with brain injury, called Anomia (which is a type of Aphasia)... or trouble 'word finding'. I'm a writer, as well, so, I know how difficult it can be to deal with that...

I definitely understand what you're talking about. Luckily I've never had seizures and take some pretty hefty anti seizure meds to make sure I don't. I'm also a writer, and I DO have periods where I lose words or even the ability to speak. My trigger is too much stress or too much sensory input. Stress also does wonky things to me. I have even typed every word backwards without realizing. Had to go fix an entire scene that came out that way, and I had no idea while I was typing it. Hubby said it looked like I was just typing normally until he glanced over and tried to read it. Ugh!

So you're not alone. My neuro said that my brain bleed (aka brain blowout) caused a lot of damage and those episodes are my brain trying to reroute those pathways that are missing or damaged. OR that my brain is pissy because I'm giving it something it doesn't like and it throws off symptoms to try to get me to stop giving it stress, overstimulation or whatever it doesn't know how to deal with.

I've gone into the ER and when asked my name have given my writing pen name without even realizing it. Luckily my family have been there to "translate" that. Like I mentioned above, I have also had episodes where I could think the concepts fine, but I couldn't speak - the vocal chords just weren't cooperating. Luckily I broke out my VERY rusty sign language from back in college and my son is an ASL major in college so I was able to communicate, Albeit slowly. Also I still struggled to find some of the words - it ended up being almost like a game of charades..sigh...

Blessings and hang in there! You are not alone.