Looking for other parents of child survivors

my son suffered an avm when he was 6 and had a crainiotomy and had gamma knife surgery. He is now 9 and doing well, but I would love to find other kids who have had similar experiences. We live in the NYC area

Hi Rosemary. I am sorry your son went through this.
My son is 8 and had an AVM rupture and then stroke 3/1/16. He is making some progress but has bad spacisity / tone , isn’t verbal, has trouble with motor planning. How long did it take for your son to recover? Were there any medicines you felt pushed him along?

My son is now 11 and doing beautifully well. He’s almost fully recovered and your son will too with time. The kids bounce back really well. We used no medicine whatsoever just rehab right away and lots of patience. Good luck to you!

It is a long road just so you know but it will go by fast