Looking for insight

. My 24 year old son in law suffered a ruptured AVM last Friday night. They operated and is currently in a coma not doing very well. When they removed the right side of the skull they left it out to allow swelling. They have just lowered his body temp to 32 to stop the swelling and hopefully allowing healing, is anyone familiar with this, when my daughter kissed his cheeks yesterday his legs just started to vibrate. Thank you in advance for all the insights. I totally feel helpless

Hi Zuess(Julie). I know these are scary times for you and your daughter. This is the link to all our sub-groups…http://www.avmsurvivors.org/groups. You may wish to join the group from Canada. I can tell you the brain can heal but it does so SLOWLY. If you go to the right hand corner of this pge there is a search box…type in coma. As Dancermom (Madere) mentioned we have many members who have been place in a medically induced coma. We will be here for you during the days ahead!

Hello Zuess my is Darren welcome to the forum. Iknow this is a hard time for you and your family, I had a ruptured avm left side front lobe of the brain. The doctors were amazing and im sure they are doing everything in their power to help your son in-law. Obviously I can't speak for your son in-law but being there for him is all you do at this time. I know it's easy to say but staying strong will help your daughter. Please feel free to read my story it might help in some way, my thoughts are with you and family.

My prayers are there with u Zuess.....wishing u and your family all the faith & strength.

Please trust God & try to avoid speculation. Thats the most important thing required now. The doctors are the best people to suggest what has to be done now until atleast your son in law gets discharged from the hospital.

Maybe after he is out of the hospital you will need a lot of emotional support & suggestions for sustaining the recovery phase. I am there for your support anytime.

God bless.

Bangalore, India.