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Looking for an interventional neuroradiologist in Melbourne Australia


Hello all, I have posted my very first thread a couple of days ago looking for neurosurgeon in Melbourne Australia. And received replies, thank you so much for your support.

I have seen 2 already, they are great and both recommend me to do angiogram first, then coiling. In that case, I need to see an interventional neuroradiologist. My understanding is that these procedures can be performed by both interventional neuroradiologist and neurologists/neurosurgeons who have had neurointerventional training.

I am so grateful and wondering if anyone knows any of below 3 practitioners:

1/ Anoop Madan - Radiologist
2/ Bernard Yan - Neurologist and Endovascular neurointerventionist
3/ Carlos Chung - Open & endovascular neurosurgeon who had dual-training in neurosurgery & interventional treatment

Or if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

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I found this post…

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Hello Richard

Thank you very much for your information

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