Longtime AVMSouvivior/supporter

Hello, longtime AVMSouvivior/supporter,

I had my rupture at the young age of nine, had just sat down at my dinningtable to do my homework. After elapsed time I “From stories I’ve been told, tell my mom I’m sinking.” Story goes on I’m admitted to Women’s and Childens, there in Mobile, Alabama; where they stop the cranium bleed. In May of 2000 a short time after the rupture I’m transferred from Women’s and Children’s to Dallas to have my titanium clips inserted and the clotted area removed.

Shortly, after go through physical therapy and homeschooling. Two years later re-enroll in public middle school. Finish high school with no walking aids, and walk across on time for high school graduation in 2009. Have since then been an inspiration to many who come in contact. Went into missionary work for two years. Looking for my next endeavor. People have/still ask me why I stay active in a area that has taken so much from me.

I look back and tell myself, if I can make the difference on a life like, I did on a young woman back in 2015, it’s all worth reliving the trials and tribulations so someone else can better their life and, maybe pass on this notion that this is not the end, it’s just a new chapter in this life.

I’m proof anything is possible, will be going back to college to pursue a business degree 20 years after my rupture. God bless you and have a great day.

Yours Truly,


Haven’t seen you on here in a bit, and nice to hear from you! Always appreciate your positive, can do approach. Back to college, that’s awesome. Take Care, John.