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Long term side effect: I cry easily


I’m not familiar with “ear defenders” but I had a set of musician earplugs made. Basically what they do is lower the decibel level of the noise you are experiencing by 9, 15 or 25 decibels (interchangeable features). Since my left ear is significantly worse than my right ear - in terms of not hearing, in terms of internal noise and in terms of sensistivity to noise, I will quite often wear the earplug in my left ear and my hearing aid in the right ear. If you want more information about them, let me know. I don’t use them all the time, but it’s $150 well spent in my book.


Allie - I used to be a substitute teacher - I’d spend all day with 7 different classes of middle school or high schoolers - all who felt like they didn’t need to listen to me as well as their regular teacher. I can totally relate to strong feelings about not wanting to go to school. With my sensitivity to noise, I would be under the desk curled up in a fetal position within 5 minutes if I was in a classroom the way I am now. Have you thought of online schooling? We did that for my son for 7th and 8th grade when he couldn’t handle, well, let’s just say PTSD sucks.

She’s not alone - I dread the thought of going into school let alone having to be right in the middle of the noise.



@TJ127 I would love to know more about the ear defenders . I can’t stand certain noises esp after my AVM and often have to leave places .
Thank you



Here is a link to some, I’m not sure how good they are, they are originally to help children with autism cope with noisy situations. The children I work with are 5/7 years old so their level of understanding and explaining is different so it’s quite difficult to know if these would help. We are on summer holidays here in England, when we go back in September I will try them out and see what difference they make, When the children wear them at school it does stop them crying and inable them to sit in a noisy atmosphere. ( assemblies and dinner hall ) hope it helps a little !!


I also bought some musician ear plugs; helps cut out the high end noises that make being in a crowd difficult for me.


Heading to church now, not time to dig out all of the info - I’d make the family late. I’ll dig it out and report back later today.


Amanda - the ones I have are actually smaller than the hearing aids I have. They fit inside the ear. Think spy movie - ear pieces that they wear so they can carry on conversations while chasing bad guys? That size.

Got to go now, more later.


Hi again!

Just a quick re-read, and I am once again amazed that others have had an issue with loud noises. For YEARS I have had to adjust the sound on the television to a very soft level. With this done, I would concentrate on what was being said. The loud level was overwhelming. Also, going into a place with many people or products (think “supermarket”) was overwhelming, visually. I refer to this as “sensory overload”. I would never entertain the idea of going to a concert, which I loved, or to a place like Disneyland. Some of this has improved a bit, but only in the last few years. Anyone else with this kind of experience? And, any scientific explanation?