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London AVMer meet up


It struck me, you know, we should have taken a selfie to show we really did meet!

I also got very excited at the idea of an AVMer meet up in London that I bought some Ben’s Friends mugs from Cafe press and have a few to give away… so Corrine got the first one!


Has this meet up taken place yet?




No. We abandoned it slightly, as Mia was not really sure about it and Jane was finding life too busy.

Corrine and I managed to meet up in Coventry, which was good. If you would like to meet up, I’m pretty sure we could do that. Let us know.



Hi Lynn,

Unfortunately not! Still very keen to and I believe @DickD is also if hes feeling up to it :slight_smile:

I am going to try to see if anyone is interested in a london meet up on one of the uk avm fb groups too

Would you be interested in meeting anytime soon lynn ?

Edit: just saw Richard has already replied oops!


I would definitely be interested in meeting up. I live in West London so most London destinations would be great for me.

I was only thinking last week how good it would be to meet up with others who are going through the same experiences so was thrilled to see this thread.



Are you thinking to try to meet pre-Christmas? I’m sure we can. I’ll have to dig out which dates would work for me. I live & work in Leicestershire, maybe 90 miles away, so weekends suit me best but the weekends running up to Christmas are getting fuller, as you might imagine.

It would be great if @Jaycee and perhaps Mia are free, too.





After reading your post (which I will reply to seperately) sounds like you have been having a very tough time of it. I am happy to come visit you for a hot drink and chat at a cafe convenient for you to get to if you would like. Aswell as going for the London outing meetup. I am live in london (south west) and do not work at the moment, and with the tube/buses I could travel easily as long as I am having a good day.

Let me know about dates for the london meet up. I will let you know if I get any interest from anyone on the fb group.

Best wishes,



I can do any of the first three weekends of December.


Hi Dick,

First three weekends in December are also fine for me. How about everyone else?



Thanks Corrine, that sounds great. I don’t work at the mo either so meeting up for a cuppa sounds great. Let me know a couple of dates that work for you and we can work out a venue. Ta, Lynn


Hey you two, I have had a fair bit of attention on the uk avm friends page! Got two mothers both with a child with an AVM wanting to meet, another lady with an AVM, a girl who’s brother (who is my age) with an AVM who might want to meet up too. Hopefully more soon too.

How about we meet on the 2nd december?

Gives me a date to propose to the others on facebook. Also is nicely seperate from the business of christmas preparations. What do you think @Lynster @DickD?

Lynn I will pm you my mobile number. I could come to meet up with you on this thursday if it suits you?


I’ve secured planning permission from Mrs D, so I’m OK for any of the first three weekends. It would be great to meet some real people! Corrine & I managed to meet in Coventry but more than 1 other real person would be great!


Hey guys,

London meet up, sunday 3rd December (this sunday)

We will be going to china town for some dimsum or regular chinese cuisine if you prefer. I am just getting numbers of plus ones so I can sort out reservations.

Looks like meeting at 1pm is a good time, does it work for you @Lynster @DickD?

I will give the meeting venue (restaurant we reserve) as soon as I can.

Cant wait to see you there! Got 7 people saying they are coming from Facebook :smiley:

We can go for bubble teas, coffees or desserts afterwards too if you fancy it

Hope your all having a good monday



@Jaycee more than welcome along too! x


Should be good for me. I will check trains, etc.


So we meeting 1pm at this resturant, tables reserved under my name so meet you there (richard pm you about meeting earlier seperately). You both have my mobile incase.



So we had a great get-together today in London, organised by @corrine. We had myself, Corrine, @Valeriehassan and Valerie’s husband, from AVMsurvivors; we had Craig and his family all the way from Norwich and Dan all the way from Bristol… almost a national get together rather than a London get together! The other guys are AVM acquaintances through a Facebook group, rather than this group.

I’d say we had a great time out. I thought we had a really interesting catch up with each other, despite that our only common ground is our AVMs.

And I would venture to say that Craig’s wife has been an amazing support to their family, as Craig had a stroke on board an international flight a couple of years ago, had a long time recovering in hospital and is still regaining his mobility.

We’re planning to try to get together again in the New Year, after Corrine has had her first embolisation.

I’m hoping someone shares a picture or two with me that we might show we did get together!

Love all,



So sorry to have missed this and look forward to joining up in the new year x


We missed you, too, and Jaycee.

I nearly didn’t make it. It was not a day for travelling to London for lunch:


Wonderfully summarised Richard :blush: honestly a lovely get together and plenty more meet ups to come - I promise more notice next time!

Honestly experiences like this - reaffirms this avm as much as I want to get rid of the bugger - has been kind of a gift in giving a new perspective in life and meeting kind and lovely people that rightly put by @DickD unlikely to have met otherwise. Can do with/without the bugger aslong as I get to keep lessons learnt and friends made along the way :green_heart:

Here’s a cute pic of us!

Was thinking of you Lynn, hope you have a good rest the next couple days and manage to sleep okay. See you again soon, and at the next meet up too :hugs:

Love, Corrine