Locked in. ..severe cramping

My son aged 24 had an avm bleed out in april of this year. It presurized the entire brain and also bled to his brain stem. About 6 weeks ago he was declared locked in. He is able to do the following
Wiggle toes right leg slightly
Open fingers right hand only but not close them
Slight raise of lower leg
Slight movement of tongue
Move eyes and blink.
He has drop foot both feet
Left arm and chest permanently in spasm
He now endures sever pain from his right arm and leg. We think it is from severe cramping and the pain levels are high.
He cannot endure this much longer. He wants a "no treat" put on him if they cannot control his pain.
He is currently on 2 muscle relaxants, lyrica and diloden (sp?). All of which are at or near max dossages.
One of the muscle relaxants is baclovan.
Are there any other muscle relaxants out there that will better control his cramping and pain?

jim bob, I am very sorry your son is in this situation. We are not doctors here, and though we can offer emotional support, we’re not in position to advise on appropriate medications. I wish there was something more I could do for you, but all I can do is express my sympathies.

Hi jimbob, As a parent, I can only imagine your stress. Your son and your family are in my prayers.

Jimbob, I’m so sorry that you son has to endure the pain he’s in. Where do the doctors weigh in? Please know he’s in my thoughts and prayers.

I am very sorry for your situation and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Have you considered a 2nd opinion? I know that I would seek out other professional opinions.