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Living with the avm ghost for 4 years?


Hello all!
I have a question…I´m on the 15 months after GammaKnife mark, before Gammaknife my neuro said 18 months to avm to be obliterated, now in the last appointment he said angio in 24 months…but in the last appointment with my neuro that actually did the gammaknife he said 4 years before the angio to confirm or not the obliteration! During 4 years the radiation is working and if I do an angio before that and it´s not obliterated it will be pointless because only after 4 years he can do another GammaKnife if needed.
Do you have the same feedback?


Hey Rita

I have had the GK as well. Just got the 3 year control to day. It can take up to 4 years to see the full effect, so as long as the treatment seems to have some kind of effect the 4 year mark is often when the doctors will do the angio.

All the best to you


Hi Rita. From what I have heard they really can’t tell how long it will take unfortunately. Everyone is different and reacts differently to the treatment. I’m afraid you might just have to be patient.



Hi Rita:

I agree with Lulu (hi Lulu. We haven’t chatted in a while and I hope you are doing well).

Rita I was told the Gamma Knife procedure was a 3-year process. I had my G.K. in April, 2015. At my 18-month Angiogram, it showed that 50% of the AVM was still remaining. Next month, I start the procedure all over again with Angio in April, with my 2nd G.K. to follow shortly after that; and then another three-year wait for hopefully total eradication of the remaining 50%. P&P (Prayer & Patience) has helped me through this journey. Maybe it will help you too. Wishing you all the best.

Sharon D…


Thanks a lot Sharon. I am very well thanks. Hope things are okay with you too and all the very best for your next GK treatment. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Lulu :slight_smile:


I was told 3-4 years. At 4 years (2011) they found an area they had missed, so the next year I had the Gamma Knife again. Since the area they treated the second time was so small, my MRI two years later showed that it was gone.