Living with my Facial AVM

So here I am, thank you for all the warm welcomes. I feel like I’ve found a place where I fit in. Although, I must admit, my AVM may lean more towards a VVM or just VM. It has been called all three throughout my life.

Here’s a memory from my childhood with my AVM:

I was thinking last night about my childhood experiences with this VM, remembering all the different specialists. I had a plastic surgeon for a while (although he couldn’t do much) and had a pressure mask with this rubbery insert. Apparently the pressure was suppose to help it go away. I don’t know exactly what they expected from it . I never did wear the thing. (Think thick pantyhose for my head) I never was the most fashionable kid, but hey, we all have our limits. Wish I had a photo of that! I really hope kids get correctly diagnosed and treated faster than when I was a kid.