Living on Own - Biggest Challenges

Hi - For anyone, but especially those living on your own, what's your biggest challenge?

Hey Julie,

Being 27 yrs old, single, and no alone is my biggest challenge.
The fear of having my avm rupture or having seizures at home is probably the most awful feeling i've ever had...

My biggest challenge is driving. I don't like to drive after the sun starts to go down, which gets earlier this time of year. And driving the freeways is always a risky thing but with a slower reaction times, it's a little more tricky, but you basically have to drive them here in Southern California to get anywhere. And people are so impatient! I had some lady cuss me out and yell at me from her open car window because I took a few seconds longer to read a sign in a parking garage. I wish I could share the driving with someone and not be stuck in my house at night. I used to like going to concerts and be adventurous by going to art galleries and other interesting events, but those are usually at night and in parts of town I'm not really familiar with, so I just stay at home these days. Oh and the not drinking part of this AVM thing really sucks too, so I guess it's good I can't go to concerts as much. :)

Living alone is still my biggest challenge!

Driving! I don't drive YET! Would not be safe for others! So I feel like a bird with clipped wings! My Occipital Lobe injury has not yet re-configured itself! Which makes for lonely days here all alone all day, but this site is Such a blessing to have friends to chat and share ideas with But the loss of driving privlidges is a Huge challange! My family sold my car anyway while I was inpatient to help pay medical balances anyway-- so I got No wheels!

Great question Julie! I used to think I was safe. I have my driver's license (love my and even to tried work for awhile. But as you know I went to the hospital recently. Thank goodness mom was right there. I guess there's something positive about living with your parents. But I could have called 911 when I came to. To make a long reply even longer I guess the biggest challenge of living alone is the fear that you will have a medical situation and no one will be there to halp. Relax though, that's what 911 is all about. Just be very careful in all you do (I'm sure you are) and have someone check in on you ocassion (which I'm sure happens). And if at all possible, keep a phone near you at all times. Mobile phones are good for this. Stay safe and I hope everyone is feeling well.

Hi Julie. I think my biggest challenge is not having anybody living with me to help distract me when my mind goes back to the difficulties I experienced getting the right AVM treatments and I get scared thinking about what my future will hold. My former husband left when my AVM got really bad and I couldn't work like a dog anymore. When he left I lost 180 pounds of dead weight : o ) I can't see to drive at night so that's a challenge. My family NEVER mentions my AVM or asks me how I'm doing so that's kind of lonely, too. Kimberly

Julie.. Living Alone....It took me days to respond to this Discussion. I probably have more to say, but here goes: Worried about having a seizure alone, haven't had a seizure in 2 years, so I drive, but worry about having a seizure while driving...not being able to work, being on disability hard to pay my bills, since I have aphasia and don't remember my recipes, have trouble reading new receipes. But as they say, a day at a time...Keep the Faith!

Just FYI - I learned from one of my OTs that 9-1-1 can tell the address from a LAN line but not from a cell.