Little Victories

Today I completed an assignment from my counselor. She said when I’m ready, take my daughter for a quick grocery shopping trip alone. The store is less then a mile from my house. So we did! I packed us up and drove the short distance. Got a few items and drove us home. No headache until about 3 hours after our trip and it was very minimal. Tylenol took care of it very quickly.

I know it seems silly but to a first time mom dealing with an avm, it made me feel normal. Like a normal mom running to the store for a few things for dinner. It was awesome. :slight_smile:

Hi Erin - Your feelings are not silly and I agree with you that your trip to the store IS awesome. You should be really proud of yourself. Little victories are important in dealing with AVMs and I found them to be helpful in my recovery as well. Please continue to keep us posted Erin:-)

Congrats! Not silly at all part of the little things that start to make us feel whole again!

Congrats, Erin! It's always wonderful to celebrate little victories during this journey. There's definitely nothing silly about it. Good luck to you, and may you have many more little (and big) victories to celebrate!

every small step is a big step in recovery. congrats, and enjoy every small triumph (they are true triumphs).