Little Twist but staying positive

Well had some problems with last embo I was readmitted and was just discharged today. I have brain swelling and one of the aneurysms has dilated more. I was in alot of pain but better now since the decadron and other medications. New plan may be in order! They are going to reevaluate with the next embo thinking they may have to take care of the aneurysms. I have to be babysitted closey by my family for the next week or more and come back if anything changes. Even with this somewhat set back I still feel very positive and am pushing forward. Sorry not on much but hey lol! I will try my best to keep you updated and thank you everyone for all the thoughts, prayers and support. It is so special to my heart! Well not suppose to be up doing this alone so got to go (whoopsie) but wanted to fill you in. I hope everyone else is doing good and hope to catch up soon.

Sending xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hello Lee Ann .
If you are reading this you may be in big troubles if your family members catch you sooooo…know you are in the positive thoughts and loving prayers of more people than you can count as is your family and please go …off with ya’ now …rest-unswell-heal-be strong as always .
Be good to you . Take care of you .
P.S. Thank you for sneaking the update on to the site !!

Thanks for the update, Lee Ann! I hope you can take it easy for a while. I am happy that you are staying positive. That’s a great sign and the best approach. You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Sending positive energy your way! Take care of your dear self.

Hello Lee Ann, so glad to hear from you, I was concerned as I hadn’t heard you for a while. Please DO take it easy and behave yourself!!! (lol). Lotsa luv and prayers to you my friend.xoxo

I love you my sister of th heart…God is with you …so am I … Keeping you close i praayer and thought…Mare