Little sister

Rember when we palyed together all day in the sun? Rember when we shared our dolls? Rember when we started school? Rember all the times we made each other smile even when i made you cry? Rember when we met our first bow? Rember when we had our first child? Rember I told you I would always be here for you? Rember little sister I will always Love you!

That was so sweet! You two are so lucky to have each other.

Oh you just make me want to cry!!! Familys great

Out of everything thoes are the things I do remember . Look even then I have my mouth open, I just don’t do pictures very good …THANK’S PAT

Patty & Pauline…so sweet! Love the picture. It just looks like one of those carefree summer days with lemonade and giggles. I have to take a guess that there were a lot of those days for you two as kids. What a great friend to have in your sister.

that was wonderful…Im so blessed to have my sis around,she is my blessing…and so wonderful too,thats for pointing out our many important blessings we have in our lives.>:)

Pauline, you have such a thoughtful sister. :slight_smile:

Thank you Ben I know I do !!

oh my how heartwarming, so special, i have a brother, i will share that with him.