Little bit of AVM left-Did this happen to you?

So I had my craniotomy on 3/23/12 and my neurosurgeon said they got most of it. He said there is a tiny "wisp" left and he may radiate it or it may be too small and they may need to just watch it. I am grateful he didn't dig around it healthy tissue but my concern is whether this "wisp" will bleed like the AVM did in December. I'm hoping removing most of the avm reduced most of the risk of bleeding. I go back to the Dr. on 4/25/12 and can ask him to elaborate but just wondering if anyone had problems like this.

hi, ive had 2 doses of GKR over the last 10 years or so. They managed to remove 90% of the AVM, but i have just 10% left. Part is just too deep. Therefopre, theres little point me making a fuss about it - thats the way it is for me.......i dont bother thinking about it anymore, as theirs nothing that can be done. Still, 90% is a pretty good deal! I wish u good luck on trying to remove the last bit, if not, well do it i do, dont think about it anymore! ;)

Good attitude and advice. Thank you!!

Getting most of it is a very good thing for sure. I would want to make sure that your doctors monitor it closely however. AVMs can regenerate and grow if there is any left from treatment.

Thanks Trish- I had no idea it could regenerate. No wonder the Doc said he would watch it closely if they couldn't radiate. Oh well, I need to be grateful and I am. But I must say I am disappointed I couldn't be completely free of this thing. I am going outside for a walk now. Several people mentioned this yesterday and it did really help. Thx.

My embolization treated 85% of my AMV yet there was still a small, residual piece of the AVM left which they zapped with CyberKnife treatement early last summer. I am going in for an AngioGram on May 4th so that my neurosurgeon can deteremine if any further treatments are needed. I hopeful that they will be able to see nothing and can tell me that they zapped it enought for it to be completely obliterated :)! As long as your doctor is monitoring you, you are in good hands!!!


Thanks Michele! Good luck on your angiogram- Hope they find no avm remnants. You are rightI I feel like I am in good hands with my Doc. Thank you!!

Hi! I was 3 when I had my first craniotomy and after a few tests the doc told my parents there was still a bit of it left. I had another craniotomy when I was 5 and then when I was 7. I guess they just don't want to "take out" to much just in case.

I hope you have a quick and safe recovery.

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Depending on its location i would say radiation is probably going to fix the issue up. I had surgery in Feb 2011 & 1yr MRI wasnt clear due to clips interfering with image. My fear is that there is some left over as someone said it can regrow again. I was told after surgery mine was removed completly but until i get a clear scan im still left thinking too much about it. God bless and keep us posted

When I had my crainiotomy back in 2001 my doc left a piece of what he thought was a vessel. In 2004, I had an MRI and found it was a residual AVM. It was growing back. I had to have another surgery to have it removed. It was not what I wanted to hear, but it was a good thing I got it checked because they also found an aneurysm in my right temporal area that they clipped at the same time. I have been 100% better after the 2nd surgery. Just watch it!!!

Hi! My brother had a AVM removed via surgery in 1990; he was 21 months old. He’s now 23 and he had a seizure last month. They’ve just discovered two AVMs, and we saw a neurosurgeon yesterday who told us this likely recurred as there might have been a microscopic amount of AVM left that developed over time. I don’t think these things happen overnight, but as others have mentioned, you may want to have it monitored. Which is what your doc already suggested. That’s great they got most of it, I wish you all the best. And keep up the positive attitude :slight_smile:

Thank's to everyone for your insight. I will definitely follow up with Doc and keep monitoring it.

Like everyone else says...monitor the wisp! Eventually, there will be a treatment for it. It took 20 years, but that's what happened for my husband.