Lion Snaps

188014_119465001461796_2624207_n.jpgThanks to the “Brainbow” project I have created Lion Snaps …Lion Snaps were created to remind us of the journey Carter Trudeau and others with AVM’s our on are one step at a time. All money raised will go to The Aneurysm and AVM foundation and The AVM Surviors Network…Lion snaps were designed to be wore on your shoes to show support to those who are recovering from AVM/VM surgerys. To also remind us that recovery is one step at a time. I have a son who is now 13 but when he was 6 he began to walk different than his peers after several doctors, surgerys, and years we discovered he had a Vascular Malformation in his right calf …currentlly he is 7 months post op from a major sergery to correct the contration in his leg…its a very painful process and we have many more months ahead before we are recovered…Carter is a great kid kept straight A in school (since the 3rd grade) kept up with his peers and played baseball …but this last surgery has been extremly hard on him …I ask you to wear a Lion Snap to show your support to him and others, that its one day at a time …<3 thanks for reading his story…Thank you To place an order please Email ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ also visit me on FaceBook under Lion Snaps 197932_1950764294520_1405006290_32313420_4154741_s.jpg197162_119672268107736_119465001461796_145365_6506126_a.jpg198121_119469491461347_119465001461796_144213_3863972_a.jpg

Another super great idea!!!