Lineac Procedure Scheduled

Well I am scheduled for the Lineac procedure next week. They won’t know if this will be the last until the arteriogram is done. I learned so much in the past month which helped me to understand things. I always thought they could see by the MRI what precentage of the AVM was shutting down apparently not. From what I am understanding now the MRI’s were showing them if the AVM is stable and if it had any type of bleeding. It has been three years since my last treatment so they felt it was time to do the arteriogram and they went ahead and scheduled the Lineac procedure because they feel it will need another round. I won’t know if this is the last until the arteriogram and if it needs more they are talking doing them around 18 months apart. If they think this should do it I will wait another three years with doing the MRI’s every six months again. I spoke with a partner of my neurosurgeon and I love her she sat patiently and explained everything in detail for me. Even though it was not what I wanted to hear “obliterated” it made me feel so much better having someone talk to me in a straight forward manner and answer and explain things. You would think I would know more about AVM’s after dealing with this for 38 years or so but I never wanted to before until my health declined so bad and the procedures started. Though I am nervous I am staying positive and considering myself very lucky. I am here to enjoy my family. I have learned to deal with the side effects and always remind myself it could be alot worse. Thank you all for your support over the years it has helped me in many many ways! Lee Ann

Thank you Tricia and I hope all goes well for you. Keep me updated on how you are doing. It is tough with the larger AVM’s and I knew that from the start. I am anxious to find out how much mine has shrunk.

Praying and wishing the best for you!

I know what you mean Lee Ann, here to enjoy your family, me too !!!

I’m thankful everyday that I am still here to enjoy my first biological grandchild.
Haziq is a wonderful baby !!!