Lindsey's "Brainbow" Project

Just wanted to share with everyone something cool that happened this week! Lindsey started making some hair bows one day, to combat boredom, and something funny happened…all of her friends loved them, and wanted one too. Since so many people were interested, I suggested she sell them, so she decided to sell them, and give the money to TAAF. Her sister came up with the clever name. A local newspaper reporter even came to her school, to interview her about her brain surgery experience, and the Brainbows. She has raised $125 in the first 5 days of her project. She is so happy to be doing something in our community to raise AVM awareness, as well as money for the foundation. Needless to say, we are very busy making lots of bows, and having fun at the same time! Just wanted to share a “feel good” story, with everyone!

What a clever idea! And such good craftsmanship too. Please tell Lindsay that I said: From one avm survivor, to another…I’m proud of her!!! :slight_smile:

love it …what an amazing thing

Wow…they are soooo pretty!

WOW!!! What an imaginative young lady! So exciting! My mind is going a thousand different ways to try and think how to market these. The newspaper article is a great thing for local as is word of mouth, but I want to see these everywhere! OMG a site call it is a very cute site that you can sell your handmade awesomeness on. I am not sure if you have to pay to have a store on their site, but take a look. And brainbows what a great name! Oh and how about a Facebook fan page. So proud of her! is free to set up a store and after I posted this to my FB page my sister said they need some. How does the order process work? I see the email to order on the package in the picture, but can they choose ribbons or request a color theme?

Awesome! Well I was told that my sister needs a pink themed set and an any color set for her. I am going to send her the email I see on the package. I like the ability to choose colors as I was thinking about cheerleaders and school colors. May I have your permission to copy the above picture to post on my FB wall?

Hi Susan… I would love to buy 7 brainbows!!! So if you could let me know how to buy them and I would love if your daughters designed them any way they wanted. It doesnt matter if they are the small or big ones =). Anything to raise awareness and give moneu to the orgainzation if awesome!!! Congrats to your daughter for this very clever idea! I hope I will be able to get some. If not I understand with shipping and getting the money might be a pain. No rush on when I need them so get back to me when you can with any questions and such thanks ~Andrea~

Jamie, Jamie, yes you can post it on your FB wall :slight_smile: We will get started on her bows! We have a bunch pre-maid, so we may already have a great pink one! I will watch for her email.

Andrea, I sent a friend request, so once you accept you can email me your email address, and I can send you details.

I can’t wait to tell Lindsey. She will be thrilled. :slight_smile: We are having a lot of fun with this.

Silly me…Andrea, you can also just send your order to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and I can send you the payment information from there. That is probably simpler.

That is awesome! Very very clever! Jaclyn is very interested in purchasing a few ! Shall I just send an email to ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■? Great job Lindsey!

I just ordered 3 cant wait to show them off…love it

That is REALLY FANTASTIC, they really are neat!!! Good work Lindsey, they are very pretty and YOU are a clever girl… ;o) .

Thats great!!! I so love the name and of course the bows!!! I’m actually looking into doing something to raise awarness in Nyc…any suggestions on how to start???

please send me the information i need to order some!!!

Hi Nayleen! The bows are $4 a piece. Shipping is $3 for the first two bows, and $1 more for every two after that. You can email your order to You can request colors if you want. We also have headbands that the clips can clip onto, so that you can change them out. They are $3. She has already raised almost $500 from this project! You can also find us on Facebook. Just search for Brainbows.

Lindsey, this is so cool!

Thanks Scott! This has gone crazy since I posted this! She has now raised over $2500 for the foundation. It has been a wild ride, and doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon. There is a lot of bow making going on at our house :slight_smile: It is such a pleasure to be able to give back! You can find us on facebook.