?Limbic System!

Need some suggestions for re-booting my limbic System! My physical recovery is agonizingly slow for a sporty girl like myself. My memory, math and vision and aphasia are all improving, but, not complaining,just struggling, my Limbicbsystem refuses to re-boot:( The biggest reccomendation I continue to get from my family is that my emotions are 'flat lined' Like with all things emotional, I find this connection cannot be forced, and I'm at aloss as to how to re - boot this lobe? My family is drifting apart and the glue that I once was isn't sticking any more! help? maybe I need more therapy?
or more alcohol,

maybe scrap the idea of trying to be who you used to be??? I get those comments too - or expectations of who I used to be - and I'm not.

I should take my own advice - and it sounds much easier said than done.

maybe alcohol isn't such a bad idea after all.

I agree with Julie. No use trying to be the girl you used to be. You're not, never will be. Embrace the new girl that you are. It is frustrating when others tell you that you don't act like the same person, as if we weren't already keenly aware of that! It's hard for others to understand just how prfoundly we have been changed. Try to explain to your family that you are not the same person and they can't expect you to be. But, bring a bottle of wine. It always helps!

Thanks Trish, I too am a believer that good wine or Chocolate make Everything better. But i love Bolte- Taylor's analysis that getting back is like trying to squeeze a "Genie back in the bottle"! and lord knows my Genie days are all water under the bridge now! But thanks for the positive support anyway! This is a good place to be!