Ok, I am having issues with my migraines at work. I believe it has to do with the fact I look at a computer screen all day and we only have florescent lights in the building. Is there a way to keep the migraines to a minimum? Anyone else have this problem? Any advice is appreciated.

I get a similar issue with my job and I generally take breaks often to try and eliminate any issues with headaches etc… I was told standard practice should include breaks when using a computer… God bless!

Kristygirl, I looked it up and there is such a thing as Theraspecs fluorescent light and migraine glasses. Perhaps it would be worth a try wearing them at work. Hope you can get some help.

yep i get this when i work in the office too, take lots of breaks and walk round, drink penalty of water, ask if you can move your desk to be by a window, some natural light may help?

Adrian, I agree and as a person who also has to sit in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day I also try to take breaks when I can and try natural lighting as much as possible so leave the office lights off till at least 15:00ish to get the most of the day light here. My desk is where light can shine in on it but not directly on the 2 screens I have.