Light bulb moments

So yesterday I had a light bulb moment.... I can not control my AVM living inside me but I can control what I put into my body!

For the past several years I have been feeling generally unwell, moderately depressed and have gained weight. Food has always been about control for me. Comes with have a mother who is anorexic and a father who micro-managed what and how we ate. Do I want to be over weight - no BUT I also don't like being told what to do so much. I also don't like any attention. Fat girls dont get attention - we are like wall paper. As soon as people start noticing I have lost weight I self sabatoge.
I hate that I have something in my brain that does not belong and I have no control over it. But I do have control over my lifestyle. What and how much I eat. What activities I chose to participate in. The quality of life I will have living with an AVM.
And about not liking attention - guess what - people pay alot of attention when your brain could bleed any moment - I'll have to get over it I guess LOL

Hi Stephanie. My regular doctor believes that different personality types do better with different lifestyles. He refuses to use the word diet because…you won’t maintain it forever. For example…if you are an all or nothing person…low carb works quite well. If you are organized and keep records of everything…then weight watchers count program works well. Whatever you decide to do…Good Luck!

I totally "get' every word that you wrote...good for you.

I say, one day at a time just like you live with your AVM.

I understand what you’re saying, we’ve got to take control over the things we DO have control over. especially when we’ve lost so much control over things in our lives.