Life span

Good morning, I have a question that I always forget to ask my surgeon. Are we expected to live a normal life span after surgical AVM resection surgery? Anyone know? Thanks, bless you

Hi Dee. The short answer is yes. Once your AVM is successfully removed you are no longer at higher risk for stroke than any other person with your "normal" rish factors. Congrats on being AVM free.

I have not asked that either. I never thought of that but it makes sense. This is all a nightmare that will not quit. I try to stay strong, about you? what about the fact I had a tbi?

Carolinawebb...if you've had a bleed it is not technically considered a tbi, as traumatic as they are. Bleeds resulting from ruptured AVMs are considered acquired brain injuries.

So having had a rupture wouldn't alter the life span either? thanks for answering. I can't believe I never asked my doctor :)

carolina, trying to stay strong too. It's great to still be here but somehow can't shake it off completely. My best to you <3

I didn't have a bleed. I had a resection before it could tbi was from swelling

thank you for your words of encouragement. I think we all have days when we are overwhelmed...that was yesterday. But today is a new day...