Life is a roller coaster

If you’ve been reading my blog (not that you have to, after all, there are better ways to spend your time!) you know that I recently went to the ER and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The steroid treatments lowered my immune response and that was the result. Well, this past week I made a repeat visit because my shortness of breath was driving me nuts and my primary care physician didn’t have the capability to do the tests beyond an x-ray.

So, the x-ray’s showed lingering pneumonia in about 30% of my lungs. They wanted to admit me but I resisted. So, they did IV antibiotics in the ER and sent me home with more antibiotics. Fun.

My humble advice is to take the warning that steroid treatments can lower your immune system capability very seriously. This wasn’t the 1st time I had taken them and was totally naive about the potential problems. To all of you, take it seriously and watch for things out of the ordinary if you take steroids as a result of Gamma Knife, LINAC, crainiotomy, etc. While the steroids are beneficial to limit brain swelling, they can have unintended side effects, too.

I knew that steroids caused side effects but did not realize how serious they could be. Hope this next set of antibiotics do their job. I have been on steroids for brain swelling after radiosurgery for eighteen months now. My goal is to be steroid free by the end of the year. Hope my immune systems kicks into gear real soon and I DONT GET ANY INFECTIONS.

Hi Brian,

Hope you get better soon.

Take care,


what a ride brain… bet your ready for it to finish …can i suggest you start packing your body full of antioxidiants…i found after brain surgery i just keept getting sick all the time and i believe it was due to all the drugs they used to keep me in a coma for 5 weeks…so i decided to look into antioxidants and how they can help your body…i can honestly say after i started chocking myself full of health i havent even had a cold for about 12 months…we get antioxidants from our everyday foods but some super high antioxidant foods are grapes, flax seed strawberries and cranberries and another is the not so popular goji berries which you can buy dried at the supermarket and drink plenty of green tea…by adding these things to your diet you will not only boost your immune system but give yourself more energy and just feel better …its worth a go…hope your feeling better soon xxx

hi brian, thanks for that information.
like alicia said, anti oxidiants are very important right now. (acidofilous bifidus, live culture, the ones you keep in the refridgerator)
i know you will be better before you know it.

You folks are right about the antioxidents. After my first bleed I went to a naturpath who gave me a very specific diet plus advice on supplements. I was skeptical, but it really did seem to help, especially with energy levels.

I went for another set of chest x-rays this morning. Hopefully they’ll show some progress against the pneumonia. Its odd- I always had this picture of pneumonia as tons of coughing, wheezing, etc, but that’s not always the case. If I didn’t have the shortness of breath I don’t think I would have done anything. I just knew something was wrong, though, when climbing the stairs made me heave for air.

Thanks for the concern- it really helps alot.