Life Insurance after AVM/ Crainiotomy

Hi - I had my AVM obliterated and removed in 2004 with no lasting effects on my health, etc… I’m based in NYC and currently looking for Term Life Insurance but one of the companies I have approached is turning me down because of my past AVM/Crainiotomy or giving me a high premium. Does anyone have any advice on how to get life insurance premiums down after this happens to them?

Any tips on good Life Insurance companies to approach?


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Jonah…Don’t know if they have Term Life…but check out Colonial Penn Insurance…no health questions I believe.

After my AVM, I tried to get insurance,
and they sent out a doctor to examine me, and look
at my health records. I was one year Post AVM removal,
and my health was pretty good except for messed up
facial expressions. The Dr. saw no big red flags, I suppose,
and I was accepted, but I had to pay insurance rates
somewhat higher than most people. I was surprised
to be able to get insurance at all, and signed up.
When I got older I didn’t need the insurance as
much for my relatives and so I cancelled it.
Best of luck to you all in getting insurance!