Life can suck

as some of you know i was released from rehab on April 1 soon after i receved a letter from my job letting me know that my short term disabilaty was up and if i was aproved a would be able to keep my job well i was not aproved my benefit went with my job they sent me a lettler from cobra a company that let you pay for your health insurance at a higher rate well since i don’t have a job is only my husband we could not pay the insurance now how am i going to get my meds go to therapy go to the doc i have not been in therapy in about a month 1/2. i guess i have 2 waite till january till he can aply for health insurance for the both of us

you will get through this, please stay positive.

this is not what you need to be going through at this time, but do what you can to help yourself.
if you cant go to rehab, try your hardest to do some rehab of your own at home.

i really dont know what to say, one thing i do know is that you are a fighter, do not give up.
pls keep us posted on how you are.


You should apply for SSD. I applied right after I went out of work. The dr.'s told me I couldn’t work till this was all taken care of and see how I am at that point. And your husbands company doesn’t have an open enrollment sooner? Even with a change of you losing your job and health state? Sorry about your situation i know how you feel to a point. Hope it works out for you!!!

Yes, if your deficits are such that you can no longer work, you should apply for SSD. However,it can be a very long and frustrating process so be prepared for that. In my state, 80% of claims are denied and it can take a total of 2 1/2 years before you get benefits if you do eventually win them. Believe me, I’m going through this right now. I was denied twice and now am waiting to get a date for a hearing in front of a judge. I am told that this can take up to 20 months. I do have a lawyer, as I’m told you cannot win without one. I know what you’re going through. At the time of my bleed, I was the primary bread winner in our family and all of the insurance was through my job. After a failed attempt to return to work, I left and so did my health insurance. It took quite a while for my husband to get a job, but eventually he did. Just hang in there but do check in to SSD.

I don’t understand American healthcare but I hope somehow you can get some of what you need?? Seems so crazy and unfair to me.
My thoughts are with you. Sometimes things have a way of working out and I hope that happens for you.

Maybe the Partnership for Prescription Assistance and help with your drugs. Here is the link:

I also agree with Margaret about trying to do some of the therapy exercises at home if you can. I made more progress outside of therapy than when I was going to it. My thoughts are with you as well.

Take care,


thanks all for your support i am going to start some at home therapy with my mom

Hello! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! My husband and i have to pay cobra insurance and it is hard. But the job he had, he was able to pay while he worked for long term disability benefits and that has kept us afloat. He has also applied for SSD. He is also waiting to go before a judge. This is a VERY stressful thing to have to deal with! Alot of hospitals here offer big discounts for those who dont have insurance, some offer slow pay and they dont care how long it takes to get it paid off, and 2 of the hospitals we have dealt with have assistance programs–although we do have insurance we still had deductables and those hospitals sent me papers to be filled out and we ended up not having to pay what was left over. You might try to contact your doctors and hospital that you go to and see if they have any programs like this. I truly hope this helps. But one thing you should know is that you should contact them before you are turned over to a credit bureau, because they cant help after that happens. I am praying for you and your family. Take care, Liz

i really empathise with the situation you are in …i can understand how diffiicult these times are…we have had to remorgage our home along with my parents and inlaws to pay 300,000 for my lifesaving operation and its not easy to repay the repayments when only my husband works because i am still physically unable too…the only advice i can offer through all this is dont let it get you down…always look at the positives …you are still here …and you will get through this just stay positive …dont let it worry you thats the last thing you need…thinking of you and praying for a quick and easy solution to this problem xxxx