Life after the AVM

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a brain AVM, and it totally changed my life. After months of waiting, seizures and other issues I had an embolization; sadly to say it did not change much the symptoms and problems I was experiencing. I have spent the last two years unable to work or do much, but at the same time it has helped me grow in very unexpected ways! I took my life passion for arts very seriously again, and even though it is very difficult to feel bad most of the time, there is a will to make goals and live that I did not have before. I am writing this for the people who find themselves in that dark spot of desperation. Today I launched a project on kickstarter ( )hopefully it will be successful, but even if its not I am really motivated to make my vision a reality. Nothing like having something to look forward to.
Keep the spirit high, there is a way to find inspiration even in the most tragic of circumstances! I am in a very good place today and wanted to share it with you all. Have a great day.

You have a gift Li, outstanding! Glad to read that you are involved with great art. Very similar...I'm hooked on art and music, and this is definitely a way to great happiness! Great job! (I was an art gallery connosseure for an underground city type--more young artists) I actually started a painting, so you are an inspiration for me --Thank you Li!

Great to hear you started painting Anne!I spent 10 years without creating, and only now I realized how much I missed it. I was involved in other types of creative endeavors but nothing as satisfying as this past few months in the studio. You are absolutely right, it is a way to happiness :)