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**I haven’t posted in here in a few years so I figured I would say a few words. Welcome to our second chance. My AVM happened in April 2011 and it has been almost 8 years. There are times still to this day that are tuff. Nothing will ever get “back to normal”, but hey you chose how to let it affect your life at the end of the day. Headaches never go away, at least for my self. There has been times where they get so bad I feel like something will happen again. Fear is what will get in our way of living. I guess that can be applied with many other situations as well. For any fellow survivors of this rarity, keep your head up and stay positive. Life goes on and you learn how to live with it; happiness still exist. A small back ground about myself: I was 18 years old when my AVM ruptured. How could this happen to me? Does everthing actual happen for a reason? Well for one , I didn’t see a white light. I didn’t even see a tunnel. I got a tattoo of an AVM to remind myself that things in life can get very real and fast. I forgot how to play my guitar after I had woke from wherever I had been. It killed me. I cried for days wondering why this happened and if I would be able to play again. I remember telling a family member or friend that if I couldn’t play guitar anymore, I would have rather been dead. Lucky for me, after having a zero percent chance of walking ( one doctor had stated to my parents) I had started the first phase of re-learning towards the end on my first month of being hospitalized. Things are looking up now… The guitar just sits in my lap as I ponder why the fuck this just happened to me… Each day, on top of doing all the other daily routines, I would pick it up and try for the life of me to hold a chord. No chance I had put in my head. Days went by, weeks, suddenly strength was entering my body. Slowly but surly I was re learning basic chords and I couldn’t have been more esctatic. With learning how to walk again more each day, and also getting my guitar playing back things were great! I play guitar better than I ever did now and I that is why I got where I am today. Music filled my life and it thankfully wasn’t taken from me. Keep you’re spirits and your value of existence even higher. Life can be all over the place, but its such a beautiful experience to be a part of. The good, the bad, the ugly, the sad… Ill take it. It’s nice to feel. Put yourself in a positive place, find your niche. Run with that shit. **

If anyone is interested in hearing the music I create… You can find my band Guavatron on all social media plat forms including Spotify, Facebook, Itunes, ect. You can add me as a facebook friend “Adonis Guava”. My joy and goal is to spread my music, make others enjoy themselves, and live.

I hope you get through what you are going through because it is possible and you are worth every breath.

Thanks for reading,


Thanks Adonis, its great you stopped by! I’ll certainly check out the music! Take Care, John.



Thank you … thank you … thank you! You just don’t know how important your post means to me, on this date, at this hour and in this moment! Your words have lifted my spirits up to the moon and back! Once again, thank you!

Sharon D…


Stands and applauds with deep respect


You are so welcome! Life is worth living and we chose how we live it! I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have the anyerism. It made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world.