Life after Avastin

Had SRS 3 years ago for cerebral AVM. developed radiation necrosis-untreated for about a year. 11 infusions of Avastin. Right back where I started. Any suggestions?!?

Welcome Gin! I don’t have any experience as you describe but some here may. I would certainly seek opinion from neuro, or a second opinion, one may present options another doesn’t. If I remember correctly, I think some folks here have had some success with hyperbaric chambers that provided some relief. I think there has been some studies on it as well. Take Care, John.

I had the same thing GKRS, developed necrosis, but I had Avastin directly into my brain from a cerebral angiogram. My doctor at UK hospital in Kentucky and a Louisville doctor pioneered doing in this way now. So far so good! Growing new blood vessels around the necrosis, no brain swelling now.

Hi! I have issues with balance and walking. Can’t control my left arm and hand. Nausea is horrible at times. You have anything like this? Just have to get a little relief somewhere!!

Yes I am always off balance, I have fallen 5x recently. Due to my partial blindness and dizziness. I have stomach issues as well. Prayers for you.