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Lidocaine infusion for headaches?

Have any of you tried lidocaine infusion for your headaches? I am scheduled this Friday :flushed::thinking:

I had an inpatient stay I believe it was five days of lidocaine infusions for my chronic daily headaches and migraines three years ago. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t do much. However, everybody is different and you certainly could feel relief even though other people didn’t. The infusion therapy that really helped for me was ketamine actually and I am getting more infusions of that mid January. I have tried over 200 medications for my debilitating head pain since my hemorrhagic stroke in 2015 and the ketamine is the only one that brought the pain down to a nearly a zero. So there is another option to look into out there if the lidocaine doesn’t work for you. Good luck!

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How are you doing overall aside from the pain?

@Tina_Bodin No I have no tried Lidocaine infusions ( I am sadly now allergic to lidocaine ) But I have tried Ketamine infusions and I had 3 months of headache relief! I had a 5 day in patient hospital stay at Stanford. They do small dosage compared to other places where they only go up to 30mg. I have only done one 2 day out patient and the nurse was nervous cause of my low bp so she started with a super low dose the first day which was a waste. I only got a week of relief in my head and body. I am scheduled again for a 3 day out patient in Feb where we are supposed to start at the max of 30mg so hopefully I will get a longer relief. I also take oral ketamine of 20mg on really bad days again its a light dose but I am a lightweight most people get 100mg. How did your infusion go?