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Lexapro meds

Yesterday i was prescribed lexapro for my mental health issues. I haven’t yet spoken to my neurosurgeon if this medication is okay for me to take. Has anyone taken lexapro following an avm hemorrhage and were there any complications?


i took lexapro after my avm embolization and surgery but did not have a bleed. Had no side effects. Had no main effects either. I began to wonder if I was in a test and I was getting the false pill.


I helped launch Lexapro’s parent drug, Celexa(citalopram), 20 yrs ago. Never saw any precautions or blood pressure issues associated with it. Lexapro(escitalopram) is an enantomer of the original, so I assume same side effect profile. You can always read the package insert (though long) if truly concerned. GK

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I use an online tool. medscape.com. to check drug interactions
I can check as soon as the doc even mentions the name of any medication and get it on the spot. Not a replacement for you Neurosurgeon, but a helpful tool. Free to use. Set up your account and load in your medications. Good luck to you!!!