Lets pray together for camellia

Camellia had a treatment at with Dr. Yakes yesterday. He did not treat her with alcohol because he worked at getting her coils out. She has not been released. They couldn’t get her stable yesterday her heart rate was 170 in the middle of the night her O2 levels dropped and her airways were closing. Her mom has been an amazing connection for me over the last few months. I have grown so close to her. My heart is really hurting for her as a mom. We all need to pray for her speedy recovery. Thank you Sherri

Sherri- you and I are on the save wave length! I just posted a forum message for the same thing :slight_smile: Perfect. We will get twice as many prayers out of this!
Hang in there.

I am praying for Camellia as well.

I am praying for camellia and sending her lots of good thoughts! it is always much harder for me seeing little ones go through these kinds of things…

Praying for the gift of blessings for Camellia and her family