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Let’s share gratitudes ❤️


Hello dear brothers and sisters,

It was a long time ago I wrote here. Since I let my heart out here when I lost faith, it was hard to come back because I got reminded of my heartaches and my fear every time I logged in. I don’t want it to be like that!

I want to be here for all of you.
Like you where there for me!

I want to show support and send love and help someone who has questions about avm or radiation therapy which I’ve been through. Soon 3 years ago actually. I think it’s the fear of seeing the results (which you see after 3 years when it comes to radiation therapy) that led me back to this page.

But this time I’m stronger and I have so many new perspectives of life that I want to share with you.

My AVM was one of my blessings in life.
I didn’t know that I didn’t live life. I was in a really bad relationship (jealousy, anger, controlling etc) and I worked as a telemarketing seller. I didn’t know my own self worth.

My AVM made me fear the loss of my life. And therefore I took control over it and changed it to my dream life!

I don’t know yet how the avm is. Hopefully the radiation treatment helped me. I’ve stopped my epilepsy medicin cause it caused me more bieffecta than it did any good and I haven’t had any seizures for a loooong time. I eat healthy super foods and exercise and I found the perfect man of my dreams in my dream place, a small island in Thailand. Even if he’s from another country in Europe we kept holding on to each other and that’s some real love right there! He treats me like a princess and I treat him as my prince, because he truly is.

And we deserve it! We all deserve it! We just need to realise it ourselves.

Sending everyone SO much love and thank you again for this amazing page where we can support each other and share information :heart:

Just don’t try to feed the spiral going down. Turn things around and try to see things positively. Let’s share beautiful things on this thread with each other.

Let’s share 5 things you’re grateful for today. It can be the smallest thing or as big as you want. I’ll start :blush:

I’m SO grateful for
~ my dog, which gives me so much love and happiness and is always SO happy to greet me when I come home.
~ my almost healthy brain :brain:
~ my delicious breakfast that awaits me, pancakes!
~ that I’m off from work today so I can spend time doing whatever I want.
~ my boyfriend who’s snoozing in the bed

Your turn! And have a lovely day :heart:


Thank you so much for your updates, and it has been a while for sure. Great to hear where you are at in your life. I will share 5 things as well;

  • my wife and children, who helped me through a difficult time with love and support. I continue to be in awe of the great people they are!
  • as I sit here having a morning coffee, that it looks like it going to be a beautiful spring day
  • for being able to sit here and have a morning coffee!
  • for my many friends that i am fortunate to have
  • for this group, the support, advice and caring shown to one another in some often trying and difficult times.

Take Care! John


My wonderful husband. He does all the things I used to do. I believe he has spoiled me. My precious boys. Our dogs and cats. And of course the good Lord. I talk with him every day. He comforts me when no one else can. He knows my needs. Plus I’m off today too! Yippy! :grin:


Sounds great!
Of course we can’t just see rainbows and roses all the time but it all become so much easier when we’re grateful. I started this day with going through old updates I did and some tears fell while reading my and others stories.

But after writing this I had such a wonderful day and I hope you had as well! You both seem to have a lot to be grateful for and family’s is so important and the best support :heart:

Wish you the best! And please if someone else reads this, share with us :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Its always great to have dogs.


Indeed! And you have two cuties :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t4:


Welcome back! Your words are so inspiring. I learned a lot about myself after my AVM ruptured and I lived to tell about it. The AVM changed my life as it did yours. I stop & smell the roses, pick my battles, learned to laugh at myself, and learned to love my husband more than I thought a human being could. As bad as the AVM is and was, it showed me a new me. Thank you for your post and may good things continue to come your way and mine!

Sharon D…

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