Let me be scared

So I was watching Parenthood the other day. It was the newest episode. I don't know if any of ya'll watch it or saw this episode. It was about Kristina being diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt a near instant relation to this episode from getting the news, the doubt you feel about your doctors/surgeon. The way your husband is rude in waiting rooms. The way your husband is affected while pretending he's handling things coolly. So, I found this clip of the last scene of that episode. I think most every one here on this network can totally relate. http://www.hulu.com/watch/405090
By the way, I don't have breast cancer, but the similarities are the same because no matter the disease or condition or whatever, we are all still people and sometimes you don't need someone to tell you to "think positive." Sometimes you just need the people around you to let you be scared and sad. Breast cancer...avm they are both a huge change in your life and we need to accept it and that means accepting the tons of poundage of worry that comes with that change. No one will ever know how any change will affect them and every aspect of their lives and the lives of those around them. So, I just wanted to share this clip with ya'll because...I wish I could have told my husband this from the get-go. It would have made things so much easier.

Didn't see the show, but our experience was probably not too unusual.

We were heading to MinnEsota for vacation, and had overnited in Omaho. Had dinner with a cousin, then to motel for the night. Chari woke up at 5:30 and was fine, said 'let's sleep a little later.' Fine.

At 6:30, she had a grand mal seizure in bed! I called the front desk to send an ambulance QUICK. Paramedics put her in the unit, and I chased them across Omaho to the Hospital.

The ER got her stable and when the Dr came out, he told me a CAT showed she had a huge AVM, they were calling in a chopper to send her to a different hospital cuz the ambulance ride might kill her........... She stayed stable and they said then the chopper wasn't needed. Next it was if the AVM had ruptured, they would do immediate surgery. If she lived through that, she might be paralized, blind, or vegatitive..........................

Wow, to be warm and snug at 5:30 and by 9AM finding out that your life might be changing DRASTICALLY in moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the time, our kids were 5 & 6, and I was facing losing my soul mate. Folks, it don't get no more depressing than that. And I'm almost shaking just typing this again.................

After spending several days in the 2nd hospital ICU, I got to meet some young people who's friend dove into a lake and really injured his neck. He was in ICU you also. He worked at a fast food place that sent over food a time or two. I remember sitting in the waiting area when his friends came in. I was by myself. One of them came over to talk with me, and offered me a sandwich. I'll never forget that hospitality and try my best to always try to pay it forward like this person did.

Fast forward to now. Chari's AVM is gone, and she's been seizure free for years. Son is getting married in two wks. Daughter next year. I'm retired. A little bump in the road as Chari is fighting colon cancer now, but her prognosis is great.............

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

My wife and I saw this part of the episode. What we took form it was the arrogance of the doctor. How he states that he is very good and not to worry and not willing to answer our questions in the right terminology. Been there!

You make a great point and back it up with a very moving video. Thank you for that. Husbands (or partners in general) are great for support and love when you need it most but communication is so very important too. Again, thanks for reminding us all about that and sharing this. I'm wishing you the very best. :J