Lessons in Life

When asked about her condition, one member consistently responds:

"I have had a difficult journey but have become such a kinder, wiser person in the process."

Which reaffirms: Yes, it is possible to take out something positive from our conditions, including our illnesses and experiences!

How about you? What life lessons have you learned from having your illness? It may be a struggle, but has it helped you develop certain qualities that make your life (and those around you) more meaningful?

Hi Armando,

Wow! That's a good question.. I never thought about it before. I think for me, it's acceptance. Allowing other people/friends to help me. I still struggle with this but, I've gotten better at asking for help when I need it.

I've always been very independent and I rarely accepted help from others. Even when they offered. I'm the type of guy - I moved my washer, my dryer and my freezer to my basement all by myself. Among doing other things that I should have had help with. My friends offered to help me but, I did it alone anyway. It's just how I am or.. was.


Acceptance-that's a good one, Ben!

Hi Armando - There are several; I’ve received unexpected help, jokes, and compliments from those I never would have expected which makes this process and me greatly humbled among seeing the best in people and building a habit of trying to see that on a regular basis.

Isn't that just refreshing, Jules?

Hi.....nice topic.... my life's journey has made me go through personality changes..where in I have started to relate life as a gift...if i have my two hands intact..it means god gave me this gift ...I DIDN'T WORK HARD TO EARN MY TWO HANDS... but i have come across common man who r disrespectful of all the skills god has given them n instead believe they did some magic n gained those skills purely out of their effort only...... we all must know that " A GREAT DANCER IS ADVERTISED TO THE WORLD ONLY IF GOD BLESSED HIM WITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW IT ON A STAGE"...

so in our lifes as avm survivors if we have gone thru some miracles n have been able to cross thru impossible milestones...then God's blessing is one important reason for that ! So lets use this life to help those who lost both their hands..instead of complaining that our one hand is cut !

Bangalore, India.