Leg Twitching and Cramps

Two years ago I found out I had a cerebellar AVM when I started having tremors in my left hand. Fortunately for me it never ruptured and I had two embolization procedures followed by radiation therapy. It all seems to have worked and despite some minor deficiencies in my left hand I feel blessed to be doing well. About a month ago I started my arm started twitching and it has since progressed to both of my legs and includes leg cramps. I have an appointment with my neurologist next week but was wondering if anyone here has experienced something similar. I am pretty stressed about these new symptoms and am just hoping for the best.

Its been 2 yrs and I still have twitching,and cramps. My 2 AVM's were in my spine. I have numbness and tingling. Good luck

I had twitching in my left arm and leg after avm resection. My regular doctor put me on magnesium. Gone now. Many people are magnesium deficient. Magnesium is important for nervous system and brain. Helps cramps and twitches. My doctor recommended magnesium glycinate. Absorbsble but not causing diarrhea.

I have ead up on some of this, it could be a sign of ALS or some PERIPHEAL Neuropathy. I have some nerve signals that get crossed occasionally and experience jerking every 10 seconds. They tell me that is the nerves travelling and encountering a "bump" in the road.

I get twitching in my legs when I relax mostly. I always put it down to my epilepsy I have a avm covering the left side of my brain aswell. Iv not had any surgery or anything yet. So I always put it down to epilepsy, maybe it’s not that then

I had the same thing to but mine burst and I had a stroke so I had surgery he installed 2clips after that I started having seizures.

Thank you for all the responses. Im going to keep my fingers crossed that it is something simple like a magnesium deficiency and not something incurable like ALS.

By twitching do you mean jerking, as in your legs move, or a muscle quivers? Moving could be more serious. Muscle "twitching probably is not. But always ask a doctor. But also remember they don’t study nutrition. But it is best to rule out serious conditions.

It is muscle quivers. My legs arent jerking but my calf muscles are continuously quivering. I will definitely ask about magnesium when I have my appointment.

Glad to hear it’s “quivers”. I also just remembered aspartame. I suggest staying away from it. It is a neurotoxin I’ve read. It caused me twitching in my face and body and fibromyalgia. Went away a few months after I cut it out. This was years ago. Then I tried it again and all the symptoms came back. So now I stay away from it. Good luck to you.

My AVM was in my spine and it was removed by surgery 7 years ago. Ever since, however, I have had leg twitching and spasms. Strangely, these only occur when I am relaxed and falling asleep. Then my legs start jumping like galvanized frogs. Not painful, but sometimes it's hard to get my rest.

I have a condition called periodic limb movement at night which drives my hubby mad and was only diagnosed recently on sleep studies as it disturbes my sleep. Its related to epilepsy. I take a med called adartrel for that.

I'm happy to hear that your treatment was successful. My AVM was in my spine, treated three years
ago by embolization. I have a tingling sensation in both of my legs which is less noticeable when sitting or lying down. I do get various degrees of cramping primarily during sleeping hours. I've been able to identify the activities which are more likely to cause the cramping to include aggressive walking, longer bike riding,etc.. I've also noticed that alcohol (I love Red Wine) to near bedtime can also be a reason for bad cramping. A couple of products that have been helpful are:
www.stoplegcramps.com (I think it is made of primarily apple cider vinegar.
CVS Drugstore (Leg Cramp Pain Relief.. This is a non-prescription product..

Be sure your getting enough potassium (Banana's are a good source for this)..

Hope this helps some, Best of Luck!!


Yes, I have had the same problem and 5 hour energy has taken away my numbness. I believe it is b vitamin deficiency that is causing it. I will add more later.

Hmmmm, my numbness/nerve pain in my legs has been a way of life since the Spinal A.V.M.
was handled three years ago. Id be interested in how much and in what form you take
vitamin B, (B12?).. I choose not to use the nerve pain meds and just deal..