Leg Pain / Cramps

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ken (Age 58) and I'm requesting information that might give me relief from constant leg pain and bad night leg cramps.

Three years ago I had a Spinal Angiogram with Embolizatiom to handle an A.V.M.diagnosed in my spinal cord. I am blessed in that the procedure gave me back the ability to do the simple things in life like mow the lawn without having to stop after a very short to allow my legs a chance to rest. On the flip side when coming out of surgery I suffered nerve pain in both legs which I've learned to live with. Also about 4 or 5 days a week I'm awoken with painful cramps (usually left calf). I was prescribed Neuroton however after a short while I went off of it because a history of Kidney Disease in my family.

I've tried a few products like the Amish Leg Cramp remedy with limited relief. ]

I have learned to manage my situation but I thought just maybe someone out there may come across a remedy.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Ken,

I get leg cramps too and I have cervical dystonia (my neck muscle cramp) as well. I had routine blood work done and since my potassium level was normal. My dr suggested I take magnesium. The most common cause of muscle cramps is a lack of an electrolyte -potassium, magnesium and/or calcium. You could also try drinking a drink that has electrolytes in it. I like Power Ade myself. I think Gatorade has it in too. Or.. you can just buy a vitamin form of it. For me - it does help. However it doesn't do much for my dystonia. What does help to some degree is a hot bath with epsom salts in it.

Another trick I do is - I rub Vicks Vapor Rub on my muscles and that helps a LOT. It's the eucalyptus in that does the trick. The eucalyptus is a natural muscle relaxer. If you can get the essential oil of eucalyptus, that's even better. Most of the natural health stores have it. At least in my area they do.

Ben :)