Left sided weakness

First, I’m really glad to have found this website. It gave me lots of support and help.

The avm in my brain ruptured in june2013 when I was just 16. It has left my left side immobile. The first few months of recovery was pretty fast and I’m proud to say my left leg is almost equal to my right. However, my left fingers still aren’t opening and my wrist movement still isn’t good. I’m really afraid that it might stay this way and since im still studying, it has been quite stressful for me to juggle between studies and my health (esp when im only 17)

Just wondering if any of you have any tips on how to improve my fingers / hand? Thank you.

Hi airstir. Some members had had luck with acupuncture to help regain movement. You are not even a year out from your rupture. The brain heals so slowly. Do not give up hope yet. Some of us found improvements for years after our bleeds!

Thank you very much! I’m going through acupuncture since I was discharged from the hospital! I really hope I recover soon!

I know it seems like an eternity. Patience…persistence and positivity! These are the keys to recovery!

Hi, Airstir - I love acupuncture - I'm glad you're doing it too! But it hurts on my hand so much that I asked my CMD not to do it there. I do acupressure massage on it instead. Look up the video on Youtube or Amazon Instant - Master Jesse Tsao, 36 Self-Healing Touch Points, or something. My left side is weak, too, but the tremor in my left hand has gotten SO Much better - I recommend periodic eating with the left hand only, playing with pasta or paper clips (time yourself on how long it takes to pick a pile up and put them in a cup), typing (important since you're studying), playing the piano (if you play). I also paint my nails, whereas I NEVER wore polish in my old life (although I gave it up briefly due to allergy). I couldn't even hold the brush in my left hand when I started, but after 2 years I'm pretty good - I can even wear dark colors. I did it mainly bc cutting my nails is AWFUL so I needed to practice working on the nail area. Best to you :)atnt

Thank you so so much ! I’m doing typing and eating and picking up leggo bricks with my left hand and I’ll definitely try to do more of the things you have suggested! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I just force myself to use my left hand for things my right hand usually/used to do. We also did a lot of exercises with putty and play dough and weight clamp things and those helped.

Ok I’ll try!!! Thanks :slight_smile:

I think it will help you to purchase a set of hand and foot self-treatment balls(price$39.99). To purchase go to www.meltmethod.com. Click on store. Click on hand & foot treatment kit. It comes with a DVD and booklet to show you how to do exercises. If it doesn’t work, you are only out $40. I have recovered from my AVM & stroke with surgery from 2.5 years ago. I still have some problems with aphasia but it gets better with time. I was taking yoga till I found the MELT( Myofacial Energetic Length Technique) method. I take MELT classes once a week and do my exercises at home every day. I’ve done acupuncture, Rolfing, massage, and healings. I believe the woman(Sue Hitzmann) that developed the MELT method is a genius. MELT is the only thing that you can do to rehydrate your Myofacscial tissue. Good luck to you

Thank you. Does massage really help?