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Left side paralysis


I had my gamma knife procedure in Feb of 2014. I haven't had any side 3 weeks ago and that's when my left side partial paralysis started. it is affecting my left arm,hand, leg, and foot. Has anyone else experienced this?


My Gamma Knife procedure was after my stroke, so I already had right side weakness. I do remember reading that Gamma Knife side effects could be weakness on one side, etc. Just to be safe, I strongly recommend that you see your doctor about it. He will be able to give you a better answer and I recommend it. Columbia Neurosurgery page suggests that side effects may include "hair loss near treated area (generally temporary)
loss of balance
vision problems" but I do not know if by weakness they mean general weakness or partial paralysis. It is a good idea to see a doctor ASAP just to be safe. Take care and my best wishes!


My avm was on left frontal lobe and I had weakness in right part of the body…it was due to brain swelling I was on steroids for a long period to gain full power…they worked in my case…good luck to you


Yes. Intense pain replaced the numbness